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22. Mary Treep   (2008-10-17 11:59 PM) E-mail
biggrin Hello from Holland my compliments to a very nice and well designed website ,it was a great pleasure to see your lovely cats with ther wonderfull open expression I love them smile I am a Himalayan breeder and love the splendid eye colour that your Himmys have wacko ,and wish you and your amazing cats lots of succes for the future .I hope that you will visit my website some day ,kind regards from Mary wink

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21. Gadiapova   (2008-10-12 9:28 AM) E-mail
Интересно. Хотя коммент мой можно назвать неинтересным smile

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20. fran   (2008-09-20 8:04 PM) E-mail
wanderfull web and cats

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19. fran   (2008-09-20 8:03 PM) E-mail
wanderfull web and cats
delamorbrujo biggrin exclaim

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18. Ramona smit   (2008-09-10 3:12 PM) E-mail
hello sergei, My compliments for your very nice site. From time to time I come back to look at your cats. They are beautiful I like them very much. Good luck for your breeding and showing program and best wishes for the future.kind regards ramona smit cattery chebrad smile

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17. Ella   (2008-09-08 5:35 PM) E-mail
Thanks for visit on my site! Thank you for your kind words in my guestbook. What a beautiful website you have! Your cats are fantastic and the kittens are so cute and adorable! Good luck with your cats, best wishes from Ella. biggrin biggrin

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16. Karl Heinz Bartel   (2008-07-19 2:58 PM) E-mail
Hi Sergei!
It's always a pleasure to return. I have a
wonderful time on your site to see your
lovely cats and your sweet kittens, they
are gorgeous. I wish you all the best in
the future. Greetings from Karl-Heinz. biggrin biggrin biggrin

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15. Sheila Costa   (2008-06-28 1:24 AM) E-mail
Hi Sergei!

I want to congratulation you for such beautifulls cats,they are darlings!
I wish you a lot of success at shows and in your breeding program.

Greetings from USA! Sheila

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14. Evelyn Peters   (2008-06-26 9:31 AM) E-mail
__________( ô ô )__________
_______ooO- (_) -Ooo_______
********Meine Neugier ist*********
********nicht gerade klein,********
******deswegen muss ich*******
********mal kurz hier rein,********
****nun habe ich alles*****
****lasse Dir noch liebe***
***Grüße da,und werde***
*******wieder gehen**
** Evelyn Peters** wink

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13. Elena   (2008-06-19 11:52 AM) E-mail
I have visited your site and have received a lot of pleasure having looked your remarkable cats!
Congratulations to a perfectly designed web site, All your cats are so adorable,with a very lovely expression. Best wishes to you and a lot of success to your cattery. Keep up the good work! I hope that you visit my updated site

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12. Lodestone Cattery   (2008-06-11 12:39 PM) E-mail

You have very gorgeous cats and I wish you a lot of success with your beautiful cats and with breeding and showing!

Best Regards,
Lodestone Cattery

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11. Camelia   (2008-06-08 10:55 AM) E-mail
Absolutely gorgeous cats, my sincere congratulations!!!
From BLUE POEM Himalayans cattery - Romania

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10. Avi & Zohar   (2008-06-07 7:11 PM) E-mail
Hello from Israel .We were visiting your beautiful homepage and your amazing cats.
You have very nice cats and we sure visit your again soon. Best luck and successes.
We would like to invite you to visit our site and see out new babies for 2008.
Avi and Zohar
Gitkit Persians

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9. Jana Kreplova   (2008-06-02 10:36 PM) E-mail
Hello from Aglaos cattery from Czech republic! My congratulations to your WONDERFUL himalayans!!

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8. Beate Grenkowsli   (2008-06-01 12:08 PM) E-mail
Hi Sergei,
thank you very much for your nice GB-entry. My compliments for your very nice site. From time to time I come back to look at your cats. They are such magnificent, I like them very much. Good luck for your breeding and showing program and best wishes for the future. I`m sure, I will come back very soon.
Greetings from Beate and the AaronaCats from Germany, Bremen

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